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Report illegal dumping in storm drains and drainage ditches in unincorporated Santa Clara County

Form is only for discharges in unincorporated Santa Clara County

If you want to report a discharge in one of the South Bay’s cities, see "Report a storm drain discharge outside unincorporated Santa Clara County” below.

Incident address
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Would you like the Clean Water Program to follow up with you regarding this compliant after an inspector has visited the site?

Discharge of anything other than clean rainwater into storm drains is illegal because it carries water directly to the nearest creek without treatment that can be a serious threat to fish, wildlife, drinking water and marine life. The discharge may range from a leaking vehicle or pool water discharge, to illegal dumping of hazardous waste.

Report a storm drain discharge outside unincorporated Santa Clara County

Call the following numbers to report illegal discharge within a South Bay city.

Agency NAMEPhone Number:  
Business Hours
Phone Number:  
After Hours
Hazardous Waste  
and/or Emergency
City of Campbell(408) 354-5385---911
City of Cupertino(408) 777-3354 or 
(408) 777-3269
(408) 299-2507---
City of Los Altos(650) 948-0482 or 
(650) 948-8223
Town of Los Altos Hills(650) 941-7222 or 
(408) 299-3233
Town of Los Gatos(408) 354-5385---911
City of Milpitas911------
City of Monte Sereno(408) 354-5385---911
City of Mountain View(650) 903-6329(650) 903-6395---
City of Palo Alto(650) 329-2413------
City of San Jose(408) 945-3000------
City of Santa Clara(408) 615-3080(408) 615-5580---
City of Saratoga(408) 354-5385---911
City of Sunnyvale(408) 730-7260---911
Valley Water   
(Santa Clara Valley 
Water District)
(888) 510-5151---911
CA State Water Board   
Region 2 - SF BAY
(510) 622-2300------
CA State Water Board   
Region 3 - Central Coast
(805) 549-3147------
CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife  
Region 3 - Bay Delta
(707) 428-2002------

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